The Tattooed Moms Project developed from my own, learned prejudice about tattooed women.  Growing up in the 1970s in South Philadelphia, PA, there weren’t too many women who had tattoos, and if they did, they were thought of as “biker chics”, low class, and disrespectful.  It wasn’t until I had children of my own that my attitude toward tattooed women started to change.  When my girls were young and played sports, there were several moms with tattoos whose children played on the same team as my girls.  As I watched over the weekly games and saw how these women were so supportive of their children, I started to question my own prejudice.  I started speaking with them and realized that many of them were accomplished professionals and, more importantly, good mothers who cared for their children.
A few weeks later, I decided I wanted to photograph tattooed mothers and have an exhibition of the portraits.  I started the project with four mothers and their children and then one of those mothers posted about it online. I woke the next day to hundreds of emails from all over the world.  At that time, I decided this project was much too big and I shelved it for 10 years.
Last year, things aligned and I was able to start the project again. Currently, I have photographed 80 moms with their children.  All of the portraits are black and white digital prints.  I chose to photograph them in black and white so that you first see the mother/child bond before you notice the tattoos, some of which are colorful pieces of artwork themselves. Along with each portrait session, I had each of them fill out a questionnaire and I interviewed them about their experiences as a tattooed mom to provide a narrative for each photograph. My goal for the Tattooed Moms Project is to help break the stigma that so many of these women feel is attached to them. I also want the mothers and children who participated, to see themselves in an exhibition environment where the love for their children is the focus. I want the viewer to see the mother/child bond first, and the tattoos as secondary. 
Hello! I’m Kevin Russo, a lifelong photographer with over 30 years of experience and a passion for creating images that evoke authentic feelings and personality.  I began making photographic images at a young age while growing up in South Philadelphia, PA. I continued my study of photography at The Art Institute of Philadelphia as well as coursework at Tyler School of Art, University of the Arts, and Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. I have been fortunate to exhibit my fine art photography work in notable galleries throughout the United States and teach photography courses and workshops at Camden County College, Philadelphia Photo Arts Center for Contemporary Photography, and in my studio space in Devon, PA.
Hello! I'm Stacie Hoskins and I am a freelance artist and surface pattern designer. I attended college at Drexel University and graduated with a degree in Fashion Design,  I spent 9 years working in different facets of the apparel industry before creating a keepsake box company. I have spent the last 25 years hand painting keepsake boxes, signs, wall art, and murals for clients and began working as a surface designer in 2019.  In addition, I am the editor of Surface Design News; a monthly subscription newsletter reporting on all things related to surface design.  I met Kevin three years ago and he showed me some of the earlier images he had made of tattooed moms and told me about his idea for the project.  I thought it was a great project and together we decided to embark on this work of interviewing and photographing tattooed moms. It has been an absolute joy working on this project and meeting all of the moms and their families.